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The Convergence is a student publication of the NUS Students’ Political Association (NUSPA). The NUSPA is a non-partisan student organisation established in 1976. The Convergence writes and publishes articles and materials related to current affairs and policy issues in Singapore. 


The publication aims to provide a common platform that allows for and facilitates the expression of opinions and views by the NUS student community on policy issues pertaining to Singapore. It aims to contribute towards building a more vibrant and constructive political discourse environment in NUS by stimulating intellectual and serious political discussions among students.


Our team of dedicated editors will strive to ensure that no political bias or preference influences the content and thinking of this publication. We, however, demand that articles shall be competently written and well-executed. This, in turn, helps to generate honest and convincing ideas to develop serious thought, encourage responsible discourse, and facilitate rational expression. We also urge writers to develop a keen interest in current affairs and policy issues and, where possible, demonstrate a strong understanding of social, cultural, and religious sensitivities.


To help the publication achieve its long-term publication objectives, we have adopted the “3D Principles”: DiscernDirectDevelop. The Convergence will dedicate itself towards helping the student body to discern political truth and relevancy, to direct different views and opinions to a common platform, and to develop a robust discourse infrastructure for the good purpose of facilitating and encouraging political participation by students.



The Editorial Board

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