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A voice in the present, a view for the future

Dear all,


We now live in a world where changes are both quick and plenty. Be it a new iPhone launch, a new technological breakthrough, a new line of self-driving or electric cars or even a new tweet from President Trump, change is taking place everywhere and anytime. Rather than to anticipate or create change based upon our own devices and at our own pace, change has become increasingly unpredictable: it jumps upon us at the most unexpected hour. Change is no longer the only constant but ephemeral too.


These changing local and global circumstances often generate new experiences and construct alternative consciousness that youths like us can find it challenging, even frustrating at times, to cope with its intensity and comprehend its novelty. At the same time, shifting circumstances have tempted new changes and developments at the domestic front. 


In 2018 alone, we have witnessed an active year of debates and discussions on issues both old and new. From the setting-up of a parliamentary committee to tackle fake news and to enthusiastic public discourse on wide-ranging topics, Singaporeans were engaged continuously with political and social issues.


Presented with changing global experiences and shifting local circumstances, it becomes more critical than ever for young Singaporeans like you and I to equip ourselves with the tools and insights to discern mass information and “big” news that we receive daily – if not, hourly. It is with this purpose in view that the NUS Students’ Political Association (NUSPA) launches our new student-run online publication, The Convergence.


The Convergence seeks to promote NUSPA’s objective in cultivating greater political awareness and generating more profound interest in current affairs and policy issues among NUS students. It writes and publishes articles and materials on an array of topics, including Singaporean politics, social policies, economy, environment and education, that are relevant to the Singaporean context. We hope that through active discussion and intellectual engagement on issues that matter most to our daily lives, NUS students – or Singaporean youths in general – can grow to become active thinkers and responsible stakeholders in society.


I look forward to hearing your views and opinions. Your support and participation will not only encourage us to make The Convergence a successful and meaningful publication for all students but an essential contribution to the building of a sturdier student infrastructure in NUS. Please feel free to visit our website for more information and participate in our discussions.


I wish you a wonderful semester ahead! See you at The Convergence!



Yours Sincerely,

Zhou Xizhuang Michael


The Convergence

2nd Editorial Board

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