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Calling for Submissions for NUSPA Book Prize!

Looking to share your views on the future of Singapore? The NUSPA Book Prize Essay Competition is now open and calling for submissions!

In partnership with Global-Is-Asian from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, we are proud to launch this year's Book Prize theme, "SG Future: Building a Singapore That Matters to You". With the following essay prompts, submitted essays are encouraged to reflect on salient opportunities/challenges and policy issues:

- What are the issues that will matter to Singapore and you in the coming decade? What kind of Singapore do you want to see in the future?

- What are some key challenges confronting Singapore's development and nation-building? How have Government policies responded to them? Are these policies adequate?

- What are your recommendations on policy changes to bring about the desired change(s)?

What are you waiting for? Get your thoughts rolling! Submissions will be judged by our panelists AP Dr. Bilveer Singh (Political Science Dept) and AP Ms. Bertha Henson (CNM Dept). Shortlisted entries will stand to win attractive prizes.


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