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Results of the KRMF Essay Competition 2020

By Calissa Man, Darryl Shya Shao Feng, Zhuang Xun Heng, Soon Poh Suan and Winnie Ng Su Chen

NUSPA and The Convergence are happy to announce the winners of the KRMF Essay Competition 2020, as well as share the anthology of winning and notable entries. The competition was open to local higher education and tertiary students from 17 July 2020 to 17 August 2020. Download the anthology here:!

Our judging panel was heartened to see students from all walks of life share their hopes for Singapore’s post-COVID future. Upon much deliberation, we selected the following winners and special mentions. All results are conclusive and final.

The results of the essay competition are as follows:

Higher Education

  • First Prize: “Discordant Voices, Difficult Choices: Singapore’s future through the lens of 2020”, Immanuel Leong Kay Yann

  • Second Prize: “The Threat of Religious Extremism and Racism in the Post COVID World and Beyond”, Mohamed Fayyaz Bin Mohamed Faqarh

  • Third Prize: “COVID-19’s Unmasking of Singapore’s Societal Flaws”, Ang Li Shan

  • Special Mention: “Navigating Our New Political Climate”, Chia Jia-En

  • Special Mention: “A Realm of Illusions – Migrant Labour & COVID-19 in Singapore”, Tan Yong Kang

  • Special Mention: “Lessons from the Pandemic: Singapore’s Takeaways for a More Inclusive and Resilient Future”, Ang Jing Zhe

  • Special Mention: “If Time is A Pie, Covid-19 is A Knife”, Trina Priscilla Ng

Tertiary Education

  • First Prize: “Post-COVID Challenges Unmasked: Looking Beyond Today’s Face Masks”, Chua Yi Lin

  • Second Prize: “Lessons in Mobility for a post-Pandemic Future”, Basil Kuok Zi Xi

  • Third Prize: “Lessons in Mobility for a post-Pandemic Future”, Tan Jia Hui Jennifer

  • Special Mention: “Lessons from COVID-19”, Raeanne Pei Yu Rou

We hope that this anthology of winning and notable entries enables thoughtful discussions that enrich the national discourse, to nurture a more resilient and inclusive post-COVID Singapore.

Read on, take care and stay safe!


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