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Submission Guidelines

The Convergence covers a wide range of topics and issues related to Singaporean society and politics. It aims to present broad views and clear thinking by interested students and individuals, so as to raise greater awareness and stimulate active and constructive discourse among our readers. Articles should be written in proper English and delivered through a clear and cohesive tone that can be read with ease and pleasure by a general audience.


The Convergence accepts and publishes online articles and materials of several categories according to topics.


Examples of Topics:

  • Pertaining to Education, Economics, Society, Health, Environment and Politics. Other topics are welcomed through discussion with The Convergence team. Articles that relate to Singapore would be preferred.

  • Between 900 to 1,800 words.

  • Please provide a (website) link to citations if used. Please also provide a Reference list.


General guidelines for submissions:

  • All pieces for The Convergence are to be written in English.

  • Pieces have to be double-spaced and adopt the Times New Roman font, size 12.

  • Justify all pages and use 1-inch margins on top and bottom as well as left and right.

  • Acceptable file formats are .doc, .docx, although .docx is preferred.

  • Our publication uses the Chicago/APA manual of style, but we do not require submissions to be formatted as such upon submission.

  • All submissions or relevant pitch to be sent to .

  • Pieces that have been published on The Convergence may be re-published on other publication platforms with the approval of the Editorial Board. Such pieces should also credit The Convergence as the original publisher. 


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