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Results of Chancellor’s Challenge Shield 2020

Organised by the CCS 2020 Executive Committee

NUSPA and The Convergence are happy to announce the winners of the Chancellor’s Challenge Shield 2020, as well as share the compilation of the winning entries.

The competition was open to pre-university students in hopes of promoting greater and more meaningful conversation about national issues. Download the anthology here:

The theme for this year’s Chancellor’s Challenge Shield is “Remembering, Reviewing, Reimagining”, a slogan centered on the idea of looking back on our historic urban landscape, analysing our past, present, and future ideas in shaping our Singapore skyline.

The results of the essay competition are as follows:

Past Category

First Prize: Caleb Theophilus

Second Prize: Ryan Teo Ming Xuan

Third Prize: Priscilla Lee Xue Juan

Present Category

First Prize: Oo Heng Yim, Nicole

Second Prize: Tan Szu Yin, Joanne

Third Prize: Isaac Teo Zi Xian

Guest Commentary by Dr Hamzah Muzaini, Assistant Professor, Department of Southeast Asian Studies, NUS

Future Category:

First Prize: Natasha Tan Siqi

Second Prize: Joy Loke

Third Prize: Nicholas Woon Sheng Kai


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