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NUSPA President's Message

Message for The Convergence

Dear all


The NUS Student’s Political Association is proud to have The Convergence as our publication arm. In congruence with NUSPA’s objective to increase political awareness and promote active citizenry within the student population, The Convergence has contributed immensely to NUSPA’s mission with bold and relevant articles published on its platforms, as well as its assured and penetrative push for their dissemination.  


The Convergence has grown tremendously throughout the past year as well. Concurrent with its growth under NUSPA, it has also crafted its own unique identity as a premier conduit to stimulate conversations within the student population. Its editorial board has also been impressive, and their passion and performance are commendable. I am confident that they will continue their hard work, and will provide you with opportunities to discern, direct, and develop your appreciation for socio-political issues.


If you are interested in current affairs, do continue your support for The Convergence and NUSPA, and join us actively for our publication programmes. Do extend your support to us too by joining us for our other events and forums. You can visit us on our respective websites and social media platforms for more information.


I hope for your continuous participation with The Convergence and feel free to share with us your thoughts with us, at Have an excellent academic year ahead.



Yours sincerely

Muhammad Quraishi (Mr)


NUS Students’ Political Association

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